Two questions for 2010 election challengers

August 18, 2010

With the election season now well upon us, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would ask any candidate looking to unseat an incumbent just two questions. The first would be, "What is it you would have done differently over the past two years?" The second question would be, "What is it that you plan on doing differently in the next two years?"

Their responses cannot include the phrases 'I would not have….' Or 'I will not…' They need to be specific.

I bring this up because it seems to me that a large number of people thought that this rather severe recession was somehow going to just go away on Jan 21, 2009. And when it did not disappear immediately, then Washington must be doing something wrong. Well, economies do not just recover overnight, regardless of what party is in power and regardless sometimes of what the government tries to do about them.

That does not mean Washington should do nothing. But it does mean that the economy will not improve overnight, regardless of who is in charge.

James L. Waurin, Baltimore

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