Smart meters: Use less, save more

August 17, 2010

It is smart being environmental friendly and saving money at the same time.

It is even smarter that BGE uses these arguments to make more money. BGE is a company and they have to make profit because that's about all a company has to do. We all know you don't get anything for free.

For most people it seems more convenient to give up more and more of their freedom while putting their freedom in the hands of a few profitable companies. With energy it is so simple to save - just use less and save even more without paying for a meter.

Since meter sounds European - in Europe you can typically choose between 25 power suppliers and around 30 phone or cable phone companies. The power management is done individually by the people living in the place because only they know where they can save the most. Energy is three times more expensive in Europe - there is a great benefit in conserving.

It isn't a win-win - they just want to make sure that you don't save money without spending a part to them. It has nothing to do with environmental friendly or smart.

Jorg Breuning, Forest Hill

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