Keep religion out of same-sex ruling debate

August 17, 2010

Regarding the letter from Doug Hoffman ("Same-sex marriage court ruling condemned," Aug. 16, I would like to express my disagreement.

The ruling overturning California's Proposition 8 in no way "...shows that Christianity has been overtaken by cultural standards..." Mr. Hoffman's bringing Christianity into the argument is wrong.

While I disagree with Mr. Hoffman's interpretation, I respect his right to have this disagreement. Let us remember that we are not a Christian nation, and we are not governed by Christian law. If Mr. Hoffman and his church feel differently, so be it. They may accept or deny whatever they choose within the walls of their edifice. He may not, however force the issue on me based on his Christian beliefs.

I am not a Christian and resent having my life and its freedoms be dictated by his church.

Rick Wasserman, Baltimore

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