O'Malley's shifting positions

August 12, 2010|By Dan Rodricks

Dan Rodricks' reference to Governor Martin O'Malley's about-face with respect to David Cordish ("This time, rooting for the developer," Aug. 12) is hardly the first example of the governor's willingness to change positions for the sake of political expediency.

His justified criticism of State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy while he was mayor has transformed into support simply because of his perception that to do otherwise would jeopardize African-American political support. Never mind that the implied assumption in that perception is an insult to African-Americans—that's a whole other issue.

Mr. O'Malley was wishy-washy on slots until the fact that the large majority of Marylanders supported them became apparent, triggering the memorable comment from the Ehrlich office that what the slots fight needed was a lead horse, not a show pony. Time and again, the governor demonstrates all the character of a weathervane.

Thomas F. McDonough, Towson

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