Ravens autograph policy defended

August 12, 2010

I must disagree with Holly Riley ("Ravens' new autograph policy a joke," Readers Respond, Aug. 11). At 8:00 a.m. on the same day, Aug. 9, my daughter and I took my 8-year-old twin grandsons to the Ravens' training camp. Our experience was wonderful!

After watching some of the practice and doing the activities in the camp training area, we lined up for autographs. It was conducted in a very polite and orderly fashion. No adults were allowed in the area. The children, with wrist bands, were directed to the assigned area. The shortest ones were placed up front and they watched the final 20 minutes of practice. Definitely having a bird's eye view. The players were great! Equipped with pens they worked down the lines, reaching out to the taller children and signing item after item.

One grandson is visually impaired and after his hat was signed he was ready to return to his aunt. Our daughter called to him, the young man who was overseeing the area saw this and very gently picked up our grandson and lifted him over a row of people to his aunt. Truly wonderful.

Ravens Rule!

Roberta Flynn, Ellicott City

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