Mobile career center a boon to job seekers

August 12, 2010

Your recent article "Help's on the way with career center" (Aug. 12)," highlights a great tool to help residents of Baltimore County to connect to employment opportunities.

During these difficult economic times, a greater number of Baltimore area residents have found themselves out of work, through no fault of their own. As local companies have downsized or simply closed their doors, their former employees need to access resources to re-enter the workforce. In particular, the county's Mobile Career Center can help jobseekers access occupational training programs that can give them the skills they need to compete for jobs in areas of our local economy that hold promise for future career options. While some industry sectors – like construction and financial services – are hurting, others like health care still have job openings available.

Bringing employment and training services directly to Baltimore County residents, right within their own neighborhoods, will improve their capability to successfully seek employment in jobs that will provide them with family supporting wages in exchange for a good days work.

Jeffrey Smith, Nottingham

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