Make politicians play by same rules as others

August 12, 2010

In an article in The Baltimore Sun ("Balto. Co. to resume enforcing political sign size restrictions," Aug. 12) freedom of speech was quoted as the justification for allowing campaign signs up to 32 square feet in certain public areas.

I work for a small business on York Road in Baltimore County, in a very built up commercial area. A few months ago we placed a small modest sign on a grassy area adjacent to York Road to attract business. An official from the county soon came by and ordered us to remove the sign since it violated some rule for placing signs. The same grassy area is now festooned with several very large, garish, and ugly signs touting one political candidate or another.

Apparently the politicians are exempt from the same rules and regulations regarding signs that the rest of us must follow.

I guess that their "freedom of speech" is more important that of a small business owner.

In addition, this fall anyone with a listed phone number will begin receiving annoying "robo-calls" from political candidates.

The Do-Not-Call list makes such calls illegal, except for politicians, who once again exempted themselves.

One day we will live in a society where the politicians have to follow the same rules and laws that they pass for the rest of us ordinary citizens to obey. But that day has not yet arrived.

Iver Mindel, Cockeysville

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