Advice for Bealefeld

August 12, 2010

As a "public servant," it appears Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III relinquishes certain rights as a "private citizen" by accepting "public servant" wages.

Please consider the following as a solution to the exchange between Mr. Bealefeld and Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy:

1. Upon awakening in the morning in your private citizen pajamas, put on your private citizen robe and go out and remove the Gregg Bernstein signs from your lawn.

2. When you dress in your public servant uniform as Baltimore City Police Commissioner, go to work, solve crimes, lock up bad guys, protect the citizenry, etc., but do not discuss who the next State's Attorney will be.

3. Upon your return home, put on your private citizen clothes, put your Bernstein signs up, and enjoy the evening. (Later, perhaps, put on your private citizen PJ's, go to bed.)

4. Next morning, go back to #1 above and repeat.

5. Do this until election day.

This may sound asinine, but so does the fray going on concerning this matter.

Note: Don't Forget To Vote!

Raymona Robinson, Baltimore

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