Decision on charges in dog park shooting unlikely before Monday

Investigation continues in shooting of husky at dog park

August 11, 2010|By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun

The Anne Arundel County's state's attorney said through a spokeswoman that a decision on whether to charge an off-duty federal police officer in the fatal shooting of a dog at a dog park probably would not be made before Monday.

State's Attorney Frank R. Weathersbee said this week that the case remains under investigation by two prosecutors who were working with county police. Police said Tuesday that they had turned their information over to prosecutors.

Last Monday, the off-duty officer, whom police have refused to name, shot a dog at the private dog park in the Quail Run community. His lawyer said the Siberian husky had become aggressive toward him, his wife and his German shepherd named Asia, and the man who brought the dog to the park did not respond to requests to intervene.

Rachel and Ryan Rettaliata, owners of the husky named Bear-Bear, have said Rachel Rettaliata's brother, who brought the husky to the park, told them the dogs were playing. Rettaliata's brother said after the play became rougher, the shepherd's owner asked him to get his dog but shot the husky before he could act.

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