Jessamy trying to deflect blame again

August 11, 2010

Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy has made it a habit of criticizing the current and former police Commissioners and mayors when particular crime problems surface in Baltimore City.

Now, instead of letting the city's voters know how she would deal with crime if she is re-elected, she is calling for an investigation into political activities on the part of the police commissioner.

That's an old trick: Don't address the problem, just say, "Look over there!"

We need a new way of addressing crime in our city and I haven't heard Ms. Jessamy come up with anything. I'm voting for Gregg Bernstein and expecting to see him run the state's attorney's in an effective way that does not involve whining and blaming others for what that office doesn't get done.

Alma T. in Balto. City

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