State's attorney behaving badly

August 11, 2010

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was of the mindset that the State's Attorney and Baltimore City Police Commissioner work for the "same team", so to speak. What Patricia C. Jessamy is doing by her incendiary comments is to create a large, permanent impassable chasm between herself and Commissioner Bealefeld ("Jessamy calls for probe of Bealefeld," Aug. 11).

Ms. Jessamy is taking this issue to a very personal and juvenile level. This certainly does not bode well for the city of Baltimore for the next few months (at least until election day). If Jessamy is re-elected, what does that mean for the future? Will the childlike animosity persist?

As much as this bothers me to say it, this could get much uglier before it gets better. The great city of Baltimore deserves better and more mature representation from its State's Attorney.

Patrick Lynch, Nottingham

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