Investigate Jessamy

August 11, 2010

Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy has decided to take on Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III in a public display of rage. Now let's look at this fight she has publicly ventured into.

Mr. Bealefeld puts a sign on his property supporting someone else besides Ms. Jessamy for state's attorney. Yes, he has the right to support any candidate he wants for office. Now Ms. Jessamy straps on her law books and stands on the street calling out the commissioner.

How juvenile is this display. What she should be doing is using her law books to put away killers who roam the streets at night murdering innocent people. That is something she should be talking about, not making a fool of herself in public.

I want to know if she was on the clock while making the complaint on TV. Remember, we pay her to be a prosecutor, not to waste our money on her own agenda. If she did this on our time then she pay us back or be impeached. Now that is an investigation the state's attorney should be doing.

Howard Stansbury, Perry Hall

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