Trolley would boost Charles Street

August 11, 2010

Yes, I agree Charles Street could use improvement ("Charles Street could use a little TLC," Commentary, Aug. 11).

And help may be on the way if the proposed Charles Street Trolley were to become a reality. I attended a meeting recently about a fixed-rail transit system that would run up Charles Street from Harbor Place to University Parkway. At first I was skeptical, but data presented demonstrate trolleys add tremendous value to a city's quality of life. Several examples of other cities who built trolley lines were cited along with hard economic statistics.

Also, whatever happened to First Thursday – that street festival along Charles Street? And why have so many churches in the area failed to reach out to their immediate neighborhood?

Baltimore has so much to offer, but sadly people who live in the downtown area ignore the value of their neighborhoods. It's a real shame.

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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