Essex water main investigation urged

August 10, 2010

Monday, Aug. 9, for about the fifth time in the last year, the water main at the corner of Back River Neck Rd and Old Eastern Ave. broke.

I arrived home (after being rerouted due to road closures again to find out there was no water. Possibly The Baltimore Sun has an investigative reporter that can look into this situation.

One lane has been closed at this location for months, and traffic backs up. That area of the road is lower than the rest and is full of potholes. Why hasn't this main been fixed properly and the hole closed? That is the question area residents have.

Businesses in the area lose money because they have to close due to not having water. This time Baltimore County is blaming it on a contractor. Regardless of who caused the problem, this water main should be fixed correctly and permanently.

This issue would not be allowed to go on so long if it happened in Towson or Ruxton. But for the Essex working class, who cares?

We get a telephone recording telling us if we have questions to call Baltimore City - as if they'll help. They're closing pools because they don't have money.

One idea: retract former Mayor Sheila Dixon's pension and the city would have additional funds to keep the pools open and fix water mains.

Ginny Phillips, Essex

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