Scouts still teaching life lessons

August 10, 2010

I read with great interest Wayne Biddle's piece "Boy Scouts into Men" (Commentary, Aug 8).

Through his own personal experience with a dedicated scoutmaster, he points out how scouting gives youth the opportunity to learn the power of giving back, leadership, and character.

Today, as it was in the past, scouting in central Maryland, through its dedicated volunteers, is uniquely positioned to help all kinds of boys and teenagers find their places in the world. Scouting gives young people an opportunity to grow up to be successful, to have a sense of community, to have strong values and a chance to lead in making the world a better place.

Mr. Biddle was right; the Boy Scouts teach lessons that continue throughout life and help build the character and integrity of America's youth. Scouting continues to prepare young Americans to become exceptional adults by cultivating in them a sense of community, family, leadership, and priority.

Ethan Draddy

The writer is Scout Executive & CEO, Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

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