Palin endorsement in Maryland no surprise

August 09, 2010

Unlike many observers, I was not at all surprised by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy for governor ("Palin steps into Maryland politics, backing Murphy," Aug. 5) It was the logical thing for her to do.

During his four years as governor, Bob Ehrlich increased state spending by 33 percent. This is the opposite of what tea partiers want -- they want smaller government.

Mr. Ehrlich is also pro-choice on abortion, while Ms. Palin is pro-life. And he is not very good on gun rights, which is a top tea party issue. For Ms. Palin, Mr. Murphy is better on every one of these issues. So why would she endorse Mr. Ehrlich?

If Mr. Ehrlich wins the primary as expected, then tea partiers will face the difficult choice of either voting for him in November, or voting for the Libertarian or Constitution Party nominees, who are much more in line with their views.

And as I like to say, if we don't start voting for what we want, then we're never going to get it.

Doug McNeil

The writer is the Libertarian Party's nominee for Lt. Governor of Maryland.

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