Mourning Bear-Bear

August 09, 2010

I just read your article on the shooting of Bear-Bear and the non-disciplinary actions that occurred ("Police question if officer who shot dog was OK'd to carry gun," Aug. 7).

I am appalled and outraged by this story and the fact that the officer that pulled the gun will go with nothing being said or done to him. I sincerely hope that he sees Bear-Bear's face every night before he goes to sleep. I hope that somewhere on his clothing is a spot of blood that never comes out!

As an animal lover and a volunteer at a shelter, I am still crying an hour after reading the heart-breaking tale. I am glad to know that Bear-Bear was loved and had a loving home after the abuse he received before Ryan Rettaliata entered his life. My heart goes out to the owner, for I know the joys of sharing life with our four-legged companions, and I know the heart-break of losing one in a shameful and hurtful manner.

My own husky, Ike, was killed by my ex-husband in a feeble attempt to get me to take him back. Luckily the town I lived in at the time had strict laws and he not only served some jail time, but he was ordered to perform community service at a dog park and also he had to attend anger management courses and compensation was paid. But nothing will ever fill the hole in my heart that is Ike's home. It's been 11 years since I lost Ike, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and wish he was still with me.

Kandice Lins

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