Iraq, Afghanistan and World War III: Obama's misguided withdrawal strategy

August 09, 2010

The Baltimore Sun is to be complimented for their excellent editorial, "Two wars, one quandary" (Aug. 4), in which they evaluated various aspects of our conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political ill effects emerging there from, particularly in Iraq, where President Barack Obama has established an asinine date, the end of August 2010, to withdraw our combat forces from that country in order to appease the seemingly weary American public who from all indications don't fully understand Iraq's numerous contemporary political and economic problems.

Instead, the president should be explaining to the American people that there is as yet no governing coalition in Iraq; and in all probability Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Iyad Allawi will continue to experience extreme difficulty in establishing one which would meet the satisfaction of all of the various sects occupying that country.

In fact, the situation is rapidly developing into one which is similar to the one which existed in our country prior to our civil war of 1861. In my opinion, such could also explode in Iraq at any time. And if it does, it would certainly be far better to have our military still stationed there in order to prevent or else terminate such an upheaval.

For years now, I have impatiently been waiting for our government to level with us Americans and apprise us thoroughly of the dangerous elements harboring within our global war against terrorism. It has been obvious for a very long time that our opposition of extremists has pronounced their intention and determination to eradicate from the world population all of us independent freedom loving people. This basically amounts to what is now our involvement in World War Three.

The people in the United States should be made aware by our federal government of the seriousness of this global conflict and that each of us has an obligation to make many sacrifices to assure our country and our military personnel that they are receiving our full support. Unfortunately, however, most of us at home seem to have our priorities confused as we appear to be striving to live our lives as usual, and this action seems to be strongly supported by one political promise after another as the members of our government seem determined to protect their personal egoistical selfish seats regardless of the price, which disappointingly at times, appear that they are willing to sacrifice the safety and success of our military forces for the salvation of their own souls. This opens another "can of worms".

From all indications and official reports our military personnel are tired, weary and badly in need of rest and rotation of duty which indicates the need for additional personnel. If there is not an adequate number of volunteers, then it's time to institute some modified version of the draft; but sadly our government officials would probably not dare endorse such a proposal, as it no doubt would spell doom to their political careers.

When, how, where and what more will it take to wake-up the members of our federal government and have them really address the obstacles facing our country.

Enough on Iraq for now, but quickly in the Afghanistan areas, I am becoming increasingly concerned about our relationship with Pakistan whom I consider is taking unfair advantage of the U.S. by eagerly accepting our annual lucrative financial aid package, and from all indication, is unfairly withholding valuable environmental and local personnel information from us which would result in us being more successful in that area. This makes one wonder where Pakistan's true support lies.

This encounter is going to be a long drawn out challenging assignment.

Now speaking as an eighty-nine year old Retired Naval Reserve Officer veteran with eight years of active duty, five in World War Two and later recalled for three more during the Korean Conflict, I sincerely often wonder just what was I fighting for, when I witness, in my estimation, our most disappointing today's federal government in action.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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