Sun position about mosque near ground zero misses points, leaves unanswered questions

August 06, 2010

Your editorial about freedom and religion (Aug. 5) misses several points.

You state the following, "The mosque's sponsors described their purpose as one of building bridges between Muslims and the West, with the aim of fostering greater understanding and tolerance among the world's religions and a recognition of our common humanity. The mosque and cultural center near ground zero would be a visible symbol of reconciliation and ecumenical cooperation ...."

I am sure that there are many other building sites available in New York that are not adjacent to ground zero and where it would not be thumbing its nose at those who died there. Why build it there?

How much have you researched the past speeches and writings of those that are sponsoring this building? Do they reflect a tolerance for Christianity? In fact, the Koran itself proposes subjecting all mankind to its laws. Islam is not just a religion. It is a mindset that equates government and religion, in direct contradiction to our Constitution

Who are the financial backers of this project? No one will say.

How can anyone approve this building until all of these issues are answered?

Alfred W. Gillette, Baltimore

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