More investigation needed into dog shooting

August 06, 2010

I look forward to reading more about the Arundel dog shooting ("Officer who shot husky acted in self defense, lawyer says," Aug. 6) and hope that The Baltimore Sun brings the power of the press to bear to expose the decline in respect for life (animal and humans) that clearly has crept into law enforcement at all levels.

I have been in law enforcement and known many fine officers over the last 50 years who I admired and trusted. I cannot remember seeing what we have seen in just the last few months. How can I teach my 6-year-old to respect and trust law enforcement with the behavior reported in Prince George's County with the two dogs, Baltimore City with the Marine, and now this.

I was a Marine and when we saw our integrity and performance deteriorate we "stood " the unit down and reeducated every member of the unit about our expectations, rules of engagement and the value of human life and the need to respect everyone including those we were being trained to fight and if necessary kill. I think it is time for law enforcement in Maryland to stand officers down and restate the expectations of behavior and performance that made this country safer in the past.

I trust reporter Jill Rosen and The Sun. I encourage your paper to help everyone in Maryland by bringing everything to light and to be our collective voice in demanding accountability in our law enforcement institutions and help us stop the abuse of police powers and cover-up that we are seeing emerge in this story. If it is true that these humane officers didn't help that dog and the owner was threatened with Tasering if he went to its aid I believe a lot of people's jobs should be on the line. The officer that pulled that trigger should be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of our laws.

Ken Butcher, Frederick

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