Shooting of Siberian husky shocks conscience

August 05, 2010

Thank you so much for Jill Rosen's articles and follow up on the story of Bear-Bear. For two years, I've supported Tales on the Tundra Siberian husky rescue as a remote hiker for the Tails on the Trails fundraiser. I've met the principals at our U.S. Siberian husky national dog shows. I have three Siberians now myself and my first lived to be nearly 17 years old.

We've certainly had our share of bad encounters at dog parks. However, the conduct of this man, in shooting a dog in a dog park in a suburban neighborhood, with people and houses nearby is shocking to the conscience. If this had not been real life, I simply could not even conceive of such a thing happening. What is even more shocking to me is that the police and animal control officers did nothing to help Bear-Bear after he was shot and threatened his guardian with a taser if he went to get the dog. Witnesses report that they behaved in a "chummy" manner towards the officer. They rendered no first aid to Bear-Bear.

I hope you will continue to follow up and report on this case. And there is an entire community and world of dog lovers and Siberian owners who know that this is wrong, even if Anne Arundel law enforcement doesn't. The emotion which is pouring forth should be some indication of the moral outrage felt by animal lovers and the general public. And when the larger community is so outraged, then those responsible for enforcement of the law should take notice and act accordingly.

Susan F. Terry, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

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