Sun coverage of gay marriage ruling faulted

August 05, 2010

I realize that a lot of thought, effort and reader polling went into the creation of the new(ish) version of The Baltimore Sun. However, our city is of large enough stature and close enough to the nation's capital to merit some national news on our front page. As much as I hate admitting this, the national news doesn't even have to come above the local news on the front page.

When something happens in California that is as huge as the declaration that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, it would be a good piece of news to put on our front page. With Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler's publicized opinion that the state of Maryland would legally recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state, this ruling in California isn't just California news. It is really Maryland news as well.

We have a large LGBT population who would like to get married and live legally as married people in Maryland. Currently they could go to the District of Columbia to marry, but the news that California's prior ruling that same-sex marriages can be performed in California is certainly uplifting news to many in the state of Maryland.

Please reconsider your decision to make The Baltimore Sun appear to be a small-town newspaper, and run some national news on the front page again. National news after all, still pertains to us, and for some of us, it is too cumbersome to get the Washington Post for our national news.

Lexa Newman, Baltimore

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