Gansler should prosecute dog-shooter

August 05, 2010

In regard to the shooting of Bear-Bear by a police officer ("Arundel police to investigate dog's shooting," Aug. 5), I feel that a substantial portion of the blame should fall upon Douglas F. Gansler and the Maryland Attorney General's office.

There has not been one single prosecution or reprimand in the numerous incidents of police summarily executing dogs in their victimization of the citizens of Maryland, including the high-profile case of Berwyn Heights mayor, Cheye Calvo.

Nor has there been any prosecution in the numerous incidents of police perjury or the absence of warrants, all felonies. In fact, my experience has shown that it seems as if the state attorney general seeks to not only further victimize Maryland citizens via threats from his attorneys, but to make it appear that, in spite of evidence to the contrary, they deserved their fate.

This only serves to send the message to police that they can take the law into their own hands and get away with it.

George F. Spicka, Baltimore

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