Thorough investigation of dog shooting urged

August 05, 2010

I want to thank Jill Rosen for her reporting on the dog park killing of Bear-Bear. I found out about this from a United Kingdom-based forum, Every member on this forum who has posted about Bear-Bear, membership is worldwide, is appalled by what took place. Many of us have contacted the police department involved, Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold, and others about this issue.

Her reporting underscores the importance of a free press to ensure the rights of all are protected, especially in cases such as this.

Siberian huskies are often misunderstood. They are a wonderful breed. They play rough, but at the same time, are one of the most friendly breeds I have ever known. They also make lousy watch dogs. From what I have read, Bear-Bear did not deserve the hand he was dealt. At this point, neither has the officer involved. Two wrongs, in any case, do not make a right.

I see that Mr. Leopold is pushing for an investigation. Please do your level best to see that your reporting ensures that this investigation moves forward. Bear-Bear and his family deserve closure, they deserve that justice be served.

David S. Maslowski, Blue Grass, Iowa

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