Arundel officer dog shooting is police brutality

August 04, 2010

Well, I finally switched my position on the Second Amendment, and it's all due to a renegade dirt bag cop who can't control himself ("Officer shoots, kills dog in Arundel," Aug. 4).

I'm talking about the piece of garbage who killed a defenseless dog because he didn't like the way it played with other dogs. What a worthless, disgusting excuse for a human being. I hope that the recent rulings by the Supreme Court result in every person carrying a handgun wherever they go. If so, that worthless scumbag would have gotten the punishment he deserves -- to die in a hail of gunfire from decent, law-abiding citizens. I know if I had been there, that dirt pile's family would be attending his funeral today.

Unfortunately, this tragic episode of runaway police brutality happened before the new Supreme Court ruling had a chance to take full effect. But I suggest that he remembers that his day is coming.

William Smith, Baltimore

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