Arundel dog shooting by officer is outrageous

August 04, 2010

The item regarding the shooting of the Siberian husky in Severn ("Officer shoots, kills dog in Arundel," Aug. 4) should serve as a wake-up call for the residents. You have a gun-happy "federal officer" (what is he, FBI?) in your midst!

He needs a course in patience, anger-management and re-training in the use of his weapon, in addition to tips on dog training; he should have unleashed his dog in a dog park. A leashed dog is not free and feels threatened by other dogs.

If he was off-duty, why was he carrying his weapon? I had to put my pet of 14 years to sleep recently and it is not a pleasant experience. I cannot image the grief the owner of "Bear-Bear" is feeling to have her pet taken away in such a manner.

No investigation? Unconscionable, unbelievable! I realize police officers are in danger every day, what with the gun-toting population we have, but this was an entirely different situation and was totally unnecessary. If there were witnesses willing to testify, I would sue this "federal officer." But then again, the kinds of judges we have "protecting our rights" are not always doing their best job.

Clare Hirschman, Catonsville

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