Fear of crime in Baltimore is warranted

August 04, 2010

I have never commented on any article in your paper before, but this article ("Nothing new about fear-of-crime complaints," Aug. 4) upset me so much that I had to say something.

In what way do these stats "counter" city residents' fears about crime? I cannot imagine how hard a policeman's job in Baltimore must be, but the scrutiny that the department receives for the continued state of crime in this city is in no way unfair.

I live in Mount Vernon and generally feel very safe in my neighborhood. However, my apartment has been broken into and a man was stabbed right in front of my building. Exactly how are my fears unwarranted because crime statistics say that murders are lower than last year?

Quite frankly, what difference do those statistics make? We should have a reasonable expectation of safety - of the ability to walk outside at night, to leave our apartments and cars and not have them broken into, to sleep one night without being woken by sirens. Whether or not it's fair, this responsibility falls to the police. Right now, this city is not safe and citizens are not overreacting by feeling that we deserve better.

Christina Figueroa, Mount Vernon

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