Local TV outlets stoke Baltimore crime fear

August 04, 2010

Peter Hermann's column ("Nothing new about fear-of-crime complaints," Aug. 4) should come as no surprise to anyone with a modicum of discernment who watches local TV news (which I do not).

Fear is their stock in trade. None of the local outlets believe their role is to inform and educate. Their sole purpose is to sell eyeballs to advertisers and they have all embraced the adage "if it bleeds, it leads." This is also why they go to full coverage at the threat of two snowflakes. Unfortunately, TV is where the majority of Marylanders get their news and they rarely question it.

I live in Baltimore County and know many people who will not venture into the city for any reason. Local TV news has completely poisoned their minds with fear. This is a tremendous disservice to Baltimore City and the people of Maryland.

Earle Hollenbaugh

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