Cat-schizophrenia link "outrageous"

August 03, 2010

Concerning The Baltimore Sun article "Cat parasite reaches human brain: Possibility of link to schizophrenia explored" (Aug. 1):


1. Schizophrenia has long been understood by psychodynamic psychologists (Theodore Lidz, among others) as caused by a certain pattern of faulty emotional attachment by parents and parent-figures from early on in a child's life, causing distorted emotional development.

2. People have been cured of it--see the web site of the National Empowerment Center.

3. NAMI--the National Alliance for Mental Illness--is an organization centered on the ideology that it's all just neurological--organi--causes. The founders and driving force were/are parents who didn't want to deal with their own psychological problems that interfered with their parenting their young children. The Left avoids acknowledging the particular parental-nurture needs of children because they oppose the idea of a given human nature with its given demands, and like to think that people are infinitely moldable--including to Leftist specifications. And neuroscientists and pharmacologists love the biopsychiatric theory because it feeds their own interests. Insurance companies don't like to cover psychological illness because treating it takes a long time and a lot of skill on the part of the therapist, and, in the current market situation, is expensive. Where the uncooperative and socially difficult patient is concerned, current society prefers the idea of being able to treat someone chemically--and quickly--rather than humanly, with a healing relationship.

4. When it comes to mental health issues, reporters have a bad habit of basing their reporting on merely handy or politically correct sources rather than sound ones. Do your proper research next time. You do a lot of harm with your sloppy/biased approach--you've dangerously misinformed your readers and contributed to widespread misunderstanding of the human mind.

5. By the way, homosexuality and transgenderism are also psychodynamically caused, and preventable and treatable. See,, and A press scandal of unprecedented proportions awaits you on that one.

Sharon Kass, Washington, D.C.

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