Java Divas a demeaning distraction

August 03, 2010

There is a new place Java Divas, which is being compared to Starbucks ("Where Hooters meets Starbucks," Aug. 2). Nowhere in this ad did I even hear one good thing about the coffee!

There are a lot of different places in this state where our children don't have to see these kinds of young women practically naked. Also, the location is causing accidents they are stirring up a lot more than coffee.

What is our world coming to? Now it's being labeled as a place to get an eye full and at the same time get their coffee.

Who's to say what else will come out of a place like this? It sure doesn't seem to be a place I would ever go, and there's reason to believe it. You drive down Ritchie Highway, you get hit by a distracted driver staring at a Java Diva.

What is wrong here? The girls who are dressing themselves up in something every day will soon be a nuisance to others. Not everyone agrees with a place where you ask for a D cup of coffee.

Come on, even that sounds demeaning. I hope these girls don't think the publicity they're receiving is going to be what they want. Eventually more problems will occur. They may lose out all the way around.

Jackie Tracy

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