Consider consequences of health care savings

August 03, 2010

In response to the article ("Major health savings forecast; Md. panel expects to insure 350,000 and save $829 million," July 27), there are a few things to take into consideration that have been left out.

The new health care law puts health care into the hands of central planners. This is not a good place to put one's health care.

Nancy Pelosi has already admitted publicly that abortion rights "cut costs" for the government. The government ought not to be involved in the lives of its citizens like this. I have heard that we already have a one-payer system, unless this law is repealed, because the government will control insurance companies.

Any savings to health care need to weighed with the consequences. A rule-of-law took centuries to develop; this was a huge struggle with the powers of government or monarchs. We have given back to government that which people fought and died to take away from government.

Charlene Merrill

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