Putting winning above governing in Maryland governor's race

August 03, 2010

The Aug. 2 edition of The Baltimore Sun has another article ("Ehrlich, O'Malley budgeted similarly") where the facts present both candidates in a similar light as to raising taxes and creating deficits. If both have been lacking in financial abilities to get our state out of this tax-and-spend attitude, why don't their respective political parties recruit someone with better fiscal abilities?

The answer is simple. Both Republicans and Democrats are more concerned with getting their respective party in the governor's mansion. So, it's always about who can most likely win the governorship for their party and not about finding the right person for the current needs of our state.

Several weeks ago, an eighteen year old wrote a letter on this same theme. If a person this young can figure out the failings of our electoral process, why can't the older generations do the same? It seems that the power of office always trumps reason.

William Smouse, Millersville

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