Ehrlich needs to explain term-ending deficit

August 03, 2010

In Annie Linskey's article ("Ehrlich, O'Malley budgeted similarly," Aug. 2) The Baltimore Sun gives a great description of how both governors have used similar tactics to balance Maryland's budget as mandated by state law.

Maryland has been extremely fortunate in the wake of the "Great Recession," especially when compared to other states across the country. This is undoubtedly a reflection of a citizenry that cares. Even so, that citizenry is usually led by informed elected officials who steer the ship – so to speak – and that ship is Maryland.

According to Ms. Linskey's article and backed by statistics from the Maryland Department of Legislative Services, Maryland had a greater deficit at the end of Governor Ehrlich's term than it does today. During a recession such numbers are expected, but definitely not when the state was 'flush with cash.'

Times are tough for everyone because of the economy, but this "elephant in the room" issue goes directly to the heart of who the next "Captain" of Maryland will be. I encourage the Baltimore Sun and any citizen who cares to ask the tough follow up questions of Mr. Ehrlich concerning this point.

James Alexander, Lutherville

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