Zwaig appointment praised

August 02, 2010

The appointment of Ricardo Zwaig to the District Court in Howard County is a step in the right direction. Kudos to Gov. Martin O'Malley ("O'Malley fills appellate court vacancy," July 24) for this milestone appointment. This step is appropriate given the rising Hispanic population in Howard County and throughout Maryland in general.

In the same way that schools seek to have role models in the classroom, Mr. Zwaig is a role model in the public sector. It is my hope that this appointment does not escape the attention of Howard County voters and that they elect the first Hispanic to the Board of Education. Why? As a sub-group in the NCLB data stream, we are behind in the Achievement Gap in spite of the successes recognized by Conexiones. As a Board member I will see that students at risk in all sub-groups have the support services they need so that they too can Reach for Excellence and have their dreams come true. And if they do not have the services needed I will ask "Why not?"

Marcelino Bedolla

The writer is a candidate for Howard County Board of Education

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