Judges need to be held accountable

July 30, 2010

After reading about Arthur Tyler Felton and his repeated crimes ("Just out of prison, killer of girl arrested again," July 29), along with Stephen Pitcairn's murder, allegedly by John Alexander Wagner and Lavelva Merritt, isn't it obvious that when judges continue to release criminals and suspend or reduce murder sentences that the Maryland legislature needs to rescind long-term judgeship appointments?

When a judge gets elected for 15 years, he/she knows that there is no accountability for 15 years. Judge John Addison Howard should be suspended for letting Wagner go "four times since 2008." Someone in the legislature needs to take charge and go after judges by making it a law that sentences can't be reduced or suspended. The Sun should publish a monthly column and especially before elections, listing all judges' names with summaries of criminal cases heard and the sentencing results. The public needs to know which judges keep letting these thugs back out on the streets.

Thomas Bateman, Lutherville

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