Howard Republican withdrawing from council race

Anthony Jordan missed withdrawal deadline, hurting plans to find a GOP replacement

July 20, 2010|By Larry Carson, The Baltimore Sun

A Republican candidate for Howard County council has announced he is withdrawing from the race, but missed the Friday withdrawal deadline, frustrating GOP plans to name a replacement. Democrat Calvin Ball is the incumbent in District 2, which covers East Columbia, Jessup, and parts of Elkridge.

Anthony Jordan, a 29-year-old first-time candidate who was the first to file for council this year, announced Friday on his campaign website that the demands of his job had become so great that he has little time for campaigning and had decided to drop out. The problem is he missed Friday's deadline for withdrawing, which means the Republican central committee may not replace him on the ballot until after ther September 14 primary election..

"I was unaware that the date was Friday," he said, adding that he thought the withdrawal deadline was in August. He will no longer campaign, however, he said, and is effectively out of the race. Election board deputy administrator Guy Mickley said that once Jordan is the nominee, he can officially withdraw, and the Republican party centerl committee can name a replacement. Party charwoman Joan Becker said that's her plan.

That would give a new candidate only six weeks to campaign, but Becker said the move is still worth making.

"It's just so people have an opportunity to vote for someone of their choosing," she said.

Despite all that, Ball may yet end up with another opponent.

Former Republican Reginald T. Avery of Columbia, is seeking 333 signatures on a petition to allow him to file as an unaffiliated candidate. Avery showed up at the election board about 10 minutes before the July 6 filing deadline, changed his party registration to independent. As a candidate without a party, he must collect signatures equal to one percent of the registered voters in the district to qualify to be on the ballot, election officials said. Avery has refused to talk about his candidacy until the deadline for submitting the signatures, which is August 2.

Ball, commenting on Jordan's withdrawal, said "I appreciate anyone with the desire to serve in public office."

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