Maryland doesn't need Arizona-style immigration law

July 20, 2010

State Rep. Pat McDonough stated in The Baltimore Sun ("Arizona's admirable law," July 18) that the Arizona immigration law is "nothing more" than a restatement of federal law. Of course, he is aware that the federal government has jurisdiction over areas that the states don't, and vice versa. And, of course, he fails to mention that inconvenient little sticking point.

Knowing that, why would he intend to introduce such a law in the upcoming session, knowing that the Arizona law is being challenged? This is similar to how our governor rushed to push legislation to comply with the Adam Walsh Act, already knowing that Ohio is buried under legal challenges and that the Justice Department is recommending that much of its implementation be altered.

If Mr. McDonough's legislation passes, where shall we post guards and vigilantes? The Delaware Memorial Bridge?

Lewis Berman

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