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Hopkins to merge with Florida children's hospital

Noncash deal to be completed at the end of the year

July 20, 2010|By Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun

The day-to-day operations are expected to remain largely unchanged, and the hospital would keep its name but with a tagline noting its affiliation with Hopkins. The staff and leadership of the Florida hospital also would remain the same.

But Miller noted that Hopkins would have controlling interest and ultimately make the final decision on certain issues. When the transaction is completed, All Children's would operate under the John Hopkins Health System governance structure. Miller said the hospital would be treated like other Hopkins affiliate.

"If they wanted to do a major new project in St. Petersburg, it would come through Hopkins Medicine," Miller said. "It would be worked out at the local level and that board would have to vote for it, but then it would come to us."

Hopkins and All Children's officials emphasized that both institutions share similar missions. "I think it's synergy that can't be ignored and will be very positive for both institutions going forward, Carnes said.



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