Horoscopes, July 6: Leo should blame the moon

July 06, 2010|by Jen Bem | jenbem1@gmail.com | b free daily

Cancer 06.22-07.21 Persuasiveness isn't one of your strongest suits, but that's OK. Any time you need to make a point or convince someone of your opinion today, Saturn is there to help you out.

  Leo 07.22-08.22 Blame the moon for your frisky feelings in the afternoon. You'll be especially susceptible to your honey's charms. Take advantage of these feelings and enjoy a fun night in!  

Virgo 08.23-09.22 Jupiter will help you keep your temper in check today at work. The easy-going planet sees no reason for you to argue all the time. Give it a rest.  

Libra 09.23-10.22 Take life at a slower pace today. You don't need to rush around and try to do everything at once. Take your time and do things right the first time.  

Scorpio 10.23-11.21 You are exuding sex appeal today, thanks to sultry Venus. It's a great day to skip out of work a little early and grab drinks with your honey, or bask in the sun by the pool and attract a new person of interest.  

Sagittarius 11.22-12.21 Forgo frivolous issues. You have more pressing concerns than your desire for designer handbags or whether you pressed all the wrinkles out of your shirt.

Capricorn 12.22-01.19 You'll be Mr. or Ms. Patient this afternoon. Best friend weeping about her broken heart? You're a shoulder to cry on. Roommate late with the rent? You're OK with an extension.  

Aquarius 01.20-02.18 Chill out at home tonight. Finish that book you keep picking up and putting down or catch up on the queue of TV shows you've recorded. Everyone needs a night of relaxation now and then.  

Pisces 02.19-03.20 You need extra lovin' this evening. Call your honey and have him bring you dinner, or give that cutie you met this weekend a call. Have fun!  

Aries 03.21-04.19 If you've made a mistake with how you've treated a friend, the best thing to do is swallow your pride and own up to it today. No use in harboring bad feelings.  

Taurus 04.20-05.20 The sun will make you spend time at home this evening, cleaning, organizing and generally doing chores that don't sound like fun. It needs to be done, though, so suck it up and don't complain!  

Gemini 05.21-06.21 Don't be a daredevil today. Just because you feel as if you're invincible doesn't mean that you don't have to look both ways before you walk into traffic!

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