City used dirty tricks to take Senator from Kiefaber

June 25, 2010

Most people, especially many posters to The Sun, have no idea of the political dirty tricks that have been used to get The Senator away from Tom Kiefaber. Why? It's been a personal vendetta, for lack of a better word, against him because he would not play the kind of ball they wanted him to play.

This is a years-long, complex story that would make rational, caring people angry about what has been done to Tom — and by extension to those of us who love The Senator. Tom has been unjustly vilified and his reputation destroyed — not by him or his management of The Senator — but by those who have forced him out. It has saddened me to read the ugly comments directed to him by so many who do not know what has happened.

I have no problems with the Cusacks and have patronized The Charles for many years, even before it was what it is today. But I am dismayed to see the city and the Baltimore Development Corp. renege on their contract with Mr. Kiefaber so publicly and shamelessly. What has been done here is disgraceful but typical for politics in Baltimore. I support Tom Kiefaber for his unwavering dedication to the community, the city and Belvedere Square (which he was primarily responsible for keeping alive in those bleak years when the city had abandoned it) — and for his deep love for a national treasure, The Senator. It will always belong to him, no matter what ensues.

Maria Allwine, Baltimore

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