Sen. Boxer got more respect than she deserved

June 01, 2010

Perhaps Susan Reimer doesn't understand the military, if you did, you might understand what happened here ("Yes, Barbara Boxer should be called 'senator,'" June 1)! First of all, for that Brigadier General Michael Walsh to call that U.S. senator "ma'am," he was actually showing her even more respect than her "hard-earned title" of senator! For an officer of his rank, to call her ma'am, was the highest compliment that he could pay her!

As to that "hard-earned" statement of hers, any idiot with enough money can purchase that title, and the senate itself is evidence of that fact! I would wager that his title of "general" required much more effort and hard work than her "senator." Just who is she trying to kid? I would also be willing to bet that the United States Army, is presently held in much higher regard than the United States Senate. He showed her the ultimate respect, Ms. Reimer, there was nothing derogatory about it, and in fact, it was a level respect that was undue her.

I do not understand why these politicians, practitioners of such an openly dirty business, think that their mere presence should evoke some sort of awe in a public. These people quite simply are public servants, yes public servants; we pay their salaries, they owe us their respect, they need to earn ours, which far too many of them have failed to do, including this particular "senator!"

Villages all over the world (Kenya included) are apparently without their "idiots," as they have apparently chosen to "serve" in the federal government of the United States! In my opinion, a simple "hey you" shows about the correct degree of respect for these people!

Bob Di Stefano, Abingdon

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