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Carrollton Ridge in eye of storm again as surge of holiday violence hits Baltimore

Three killings in Southwest part of a 10-shooting crime wave over Memorial Day weekend

May 31, 2010|By Jill Rosen, The Baltimore Sun

After that shooting, which shocked a city somewhat inured to violence, the mayor and police commissioner led people on a march through the neighborhood, vowing to reclaim their streets from criminals. Police declared certain blocks a "Safe Zone," locking them down with guards and barricades.

"We went without a lot of shootings for quite a while and then all of a sudden it starts," said Connie Fowler, president of the Carrollton Ridge Community Association. "I don't know what else to say. I don't give up. I trust in the police and in my Lord."

Community leader Steve Herlth thinks the solution — if one even exists — is beyond something that can come from those in uniform or public office.

"Everybody in government, in various community organizations and the police are doing everything they can possibly do. I mean, my god," he said Monday. "It's about time we start pointing the finger where it belongs — at the individuals creating the crime. People have no idea what's right or wrong anymore."



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