Will council side with citizens or special interests?

May 28, 2010

It seems that the Baltimore City Council has once again sided with special interest groups instead of the health and welfare of Baltimore City residents. The beverage tax is a way to raise significant revenue without a significant cost to consumers. It is hard to believe that business owners will suffer due to a 4 cent tax. If the City Council were serious about raising revenue, they would increase it to 10 cents.

If consumers chose not to purchase unhealthy beverages due to a 4 cent increase, so be it. Milk and juice are excluded from the tax and can be healthier options. The City Council needs to be reminded that Baltimore suffers not only from a lack of resources but also from obesity. It is time they stop listening to the associations and business owners who support their campaigns. They must listen to residents, voters and taxpayers who need recreation centers, police and fire protection and expect our leaders to make decisions that benefit our city as a whole.

Kim Lane, Baltimore

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