Balticon 44 program highlights

May 28, 2010

Balticon 44 offers any number of intriguing program titles, some obscure, some just out there and some hilarious. Here are some of our favorites, culled from the schedule at

How to Flirt at Con: There's no description of the program, but the name pretty much sums it up. (9 p.m. today in the Belmont Room)

Steampunk for the Smaller Set: This event includes a chance for kids to make gear-shaped decorations and offers "advice to parents on how to bring your child to Steampunk events and have them have just as much fun as you do," the website says. (11 a.m. Saturday in the Chase Room)

Baltimore Fan Culture: "Baltimore is one of the most nerd-friendly towns on the East Coast. New around here? We'll talk about area events, hot spots, landmarks and all the great things you need to know." Plus, you can test out the skills you learned in the flirting program. (9 p.m. Saturday in the Derby Room)

Tribute to Zombies: All about making movies with that much beloved villain/victim: "Why zombies? Who does all that gory makeup? And how? How do you give your zombies personality? WHY do you give them personality?" (4 p.m. Sunday in Salon D)

Monday Science Activity: Decode an Alien Signal: According to the website, "We'll look at examples of actual messages humans have sent and talk about the difficulties of communicating over such large distances. Then we'll decode a 'signal' and see what the 'aliens' are trying to tell us." (noon Monday in the Con Suite)

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