Haysbert was also a leader in higher education

May 27, 2010

The legacy of Raymond Haysbert goes beyond business and politics ("Business and policy leader Raymond V. Haysbert Sr. 1920-2010," May 25). He was also a visionary in higher education and played an important role in an innovative program developed at Johns Hopkins in the 1990s.

The Leadership Development Program for Minority Managers (LDP) was designed to attract a cohort of mid-level black professionals who sought a challenging and supportive academic business environment that combined the rich resources of the university and the Baltimore business community.

As the founder of LDP, I was advised by then-Hopkins president Steven Muller to sound out both black and white business leaders on the new initiative. Their response was generally encouraging but mixed. However, one leader stood out. Raymond Haysbert enthusiastically embraced the LDP, saying it would be good for its students, the university and Baltimore. He introduced me to the Presidents' Roundtable, an organization of African-American CEOs, that signed on to support the LDP.

Today, there are hundreds of LDP graduates (many of whom went on to a Hopkins MBA) who also studied at the Columbia, Rockville and Washington campuses. The LDP, which won a national Creative Programming Award, has seen its alumni move up the corporate ladder, enter the professions and succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors throughout the region.

Mr. Haysbert's LDP legacy in the academic world of business is both meaningful and well deserved. Johns Hopkins — and I — thank him for his leadership.

Stanley C. Gabor, Baltimore

The writer is dean emeritus of Johns Hopkins University.

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