Military draft needed for problems at home

May 26, 2010

I applaud Paul Marx's suggestion to reinstate the draft ("Reconsider the draft," May 24). Not only do I believe in compulsory military service for men, I also believe it also should include women.

As I watch the horror of the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, I question why the National Guard has not been called out. But then it occurred to me, they're in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have a "draft" — it's called a "backdoor draft." The folks who volunteered for the National Guard, expecting to be called up for local disasters, have been siphoned off to fight in the Middle East.

A draft would create a level playing field — well maybe not quite level if there are "social class quotas," as Mr. Marx suggests, but at least young men and women might take an interest in our nation's safety and security. They also might find time to read up on foreign affairs and decry expansionist American presidents. A draft would also free the National Guard to do the work they meant to do — namely protecting us here at home.

Reinstating the draft is a great idea — but don't look for it happening any time soon.

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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