Ehrlich whines about slots

May 26, 2010

Ex-Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is whining again over the high tax rate of 67 percent that is imposed upon his very rich and uncaring friends who want to build casinos here in Maryland ("Slots to open in October," May 26), but let us remember that it was Bob Ehrlich who gave us the famous flush tax of $30 per year and also added insult to injury when he allowed greedy corporations amnesty to avoid pay their fair share of much needed state tax revenue.

Let it also be noted that Maryland lost $90 million when these corporations didn't pay up! Bob Ehrlich also allowed companies that did pay to receive over $8 million dollars in tax refunds, which further buried the State and contributed to the present debt situation we are in today! Maryland total losses were over $150 million in lost tax money.

Meanwhile, Marylanders got buried under a host of fees. Car registration fees rose form $81 to $128 for a small car, further putting the bite on the cash strapped average citizen. Bob Ehrlich was good for the rich and powerful money hungry corporations who got what they wanted; Bob Ehrlich did nothing to help the state, but instead made his powerful and greedy friends richer and richer while forgetting the hard pressed citizens he was supposed to serve by sweeping them aside and forcing them to make up what his friends refused to pay, which amounted to the downfall of the once great state of Maryland!

Gov. Martin O'Malley on the other hand, took a shovel and dug Maryland out of the hole and back to respectability; Bob Ehrlich will never get my vote because Marylanders cannot afford to be buried into that hole that Mr. Ehrlich has planned for Maryland's future, which is only a rerun of the past from 2002 to 2006. We simply cannot afford to allow Bob Ehrlich to impose a déjà vu style government on this state!

It is better that we continue to allow Bob Ehrlich to continue to whine on the sidelines as is the present case where the damage will be more controllable and less noticeable to the entire state!

Ken J. Bower, Edgewood

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