Term limits needed

May 25, 2010

The news media is always covering stories about disasters large and small that were in some part due to someone not doing their job properly. The BP fiasco is the latest. Then the finger pointing starts, and believe me there is enough blame to go around. Everyone shares in this blame in one way or another, and I include myself in this group for my waiting so long to speak my mind.

A major part of the problem is career politicians who get too powerful and look out only for their self interest and a select few who are instrumental in keeping them in power. About 40 years ago my family and I went to Disney World and while there took in the Hall of Presidents, a very moving portrayal of the ideas that made this country great. If I remember correctly, our system was created for gifted individuals to interrupt their lives for a while and step forward when asked to add their knowledge and expertise in moving this great country forward. Then after serving a reasonable time, they go back to civilian life and allow others to step forward. It was not intended for them to make a career of it, to line their pockets and gain political power.

The movement to oust those in power is a good first step. However, those being elected now will get caught up in the greed and taste of power that comes with the position and the movement to get them out will have to be repeated. I would propose that, if it is still there, all present and future members of Congress must visit the Hall of Presidents and write a paper of what it means to them. Secondly it is about time to set term limits and get us back to the root of what made this country great.

Thomas N. Fischer, Reisterstown

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