Recording police stops should be legal

May 25, 2010

I think people have the right to record in public, especially when it has to do with the police. There are often times police use excessive force. I feel police hide behind their badge and gun thinking that they have the right to harm people.

Second of all, I think when it comes to trying to calm a crowd full of people down that someone should be recording. You never know what you're going to really see on tape because the police don't want you to see everything. It's like they are hiding something.

When you are in a public place really you're being watched anyway by cameras like when you're in stores.

And there have been a lot of times when the police has used excessive force and the person on the other end has reported it and nothing happened because there was not enough to take it to court.

Finally, I am all for recording criminal activity or assaults or using excessive force because sometimes the truth comes out when someone has it on tape. That makes sure all who were involved get prosecuted.

Clarita Fleming, Dundalk

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