Palin thinks Obama's too tight with big oil?

May 25, 2010

Here's something else for Sarah Palin to wonder about ("Palin wonders if Obama too tight with oil industry," May 24). Maybe she should ask Vice President Cheney why he and the Bush administration have stonewalled for years about allowing information from the meetings of their energy task force to be released.

This group headed by Mr. Cheney, which included executives from the major oil companies, was assembled in the second week of the Bush administration. In spite of repeated requests through the years under the Freedom of Information Act for release of the group's activities and decisions, we still do not know what deals were made. Mr. Cheney was reported to have met personally with the CEO of BP.

And what's the name of that company that's destroying the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast?

The Obama administration had better figure out what closed-door deals were made in 2001 — and how to negate those deals.

Ellen Moats, Timonium

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